Foshan Chanshan Casting Co., Ltd.
Company profile

 Foshan chanshan casting co., LTD. Is the forerunner of foshan city foundry with nearly 50 years long history. In 2002, the foundry in foshan city was transferred to the new factory in the south industrial zone of leping town, sanshui district on the basis of retaining the original technology, equipment and personnel. The annual production capacity of grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and cu-al castings of various grades is over 10,000 tons on the basis of the new planning and expansion of the production site and the introduction of a large number of advanced equipment. Our company is located in the central zone of the pearl river delta, the transportation is extremely convenient, in adhering to the foshan traditional foundry technology on the basis of a large number of new technology, new technology, new equipment, production of various castings with material assurance, size accuracy, appearance and good cutting performance and by domestic and foreign customers. In addition, the foshan handicraft casting technology which enjoys great fame both at home and abroad also gets further development. Up to now, our company has a complete variety of casting technology including resin sand, dry mold sand, wet mold sand, synthetic sand, water glass sand and gypsum sand, as well as a group of advanced casting production and testing equipment and an experienced staff of design, management and production, with wide adaptability. Product range includes: HT150 ~ HT300 gray cast iron parts; QT400 - QT700 ductile iron; Special alloy castings; Castings of copper and aluminum alloy and handicrafts with different materials; BS standard series of ductile iron pipe fittings; Has the national patent series dark rod type elastic gate valve; Pneumatic riveter series; Various light and heavy anti-theft manhole covers. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and southeast Asia.

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